Flood Alarm for Backwater Valves - Valve Alarm
(Fits only Mainline brand 4963 Fullport Valve)
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flood alarms for backwater valves
Backwater Valves Flood Alarms
direct-connect flood alarms for backwater valves

Flood alarm package for mainline backwater valvesWhen there is a sewage backup or flood condition and your Mainline brand Backwater Valve closes to prevent raw sewage from backing up into your home, you need to stop using your plumbing fixtures.  When your Backwater Valve is closed and protecting you, water used within your home can no longer escape and can cause a problem.

This unique flood alarm alerts you when this condition exists so you don't create a local flood.

The Backwater Valve alarm is installed by simply unscrewing and removing the original 4" cap on top of every Mainline 4963 Fullport Backwater Valve and replacing it with this modified waterproof cap that contains sensors and a connection wire.

flood alarm sensor capflood alarm boxThe wire runs from the new sensor equipped cap to a compact 9V battery powered flood alarm box.  The box emits a loud, shrill tone to alert you  when your Backwater Valve is in use. 

The sound of the flood alarm lets you know that you need to stop using water inside your dwelling until the backflow condition has passed.

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